Arborjet is a industry-leading company focused on developing eco-friendly solutions for plant and tree health.  They have supported Project U.S.E.’s Pedal Farmers program focused on gardening, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.  You can learn more about their gardening products at their site, The Dirt on Dirt.

Victoria Foundation

The Victoria Foundation is a private foundation supporting programs that impact the cycle of poverty in Newark, with a specific focus on addressing K-12 education reform, neighborhood revitalizations, and strengthening youth and families.  They generously support Project U.S.E. programming to expand access to high-quality experiential education and outdoor programming to youth throughout the City of Newark.

The Lackland Family Foundation

The Lackland Family Foundation is a private family foundation that has generously provided general operating support to Project U.S.E. to advance our mission of providing outstanding experiential education programming to students and adults throughout the State of New Jersey.


Through it’s charitable giving, the PSEG Foundation has generously supported multiple Project U.S.E. programs, including the Pedal Farmers program and our Boat Building program.  You can learn more about PSEG’s work supporting strong communities through the PSEG Foundation at this link.

Fun Fact: The Newark Downtown District Common Greens Farmers Market where the Pedal Farmers sell their products is located at PSEG Plaza in Downtown Newark.

Community Foundation of New Jersey

Through the Community Foundation of New Jersey, Project U.S.E. has been able to receive funding from a generous anonymous donor in support of our Pedal Farmers program.

This generous support has allowed us to continue providing more Newark youth with a summer employment experience designed to increase their confidence, build employment skills, and provide a hands-on opportunity to learn and practice business skills.

Link Community Charter School

Link Community Charter School has been a longtime community partner of Project U.S.E. for more than 30 years.

They continue to provide outstanding educational opportunities for their students through a student centered educational approach that develops the body, mind, and spirit and focuses on an enduring commitment to Core Values.  You can learn more about their outstanding work with students from Newark on their school website.

Capital One

Through community giving initiatives, Capital One has supported Project U.S.E. programming throughout the state of New Jersey, including our Pedal Farmers program and our Boat Building program.

You can learn more about how Capital One is investing for positive change through community initiatives at this link.

New Jersey Department of Children & Families

Project U.S.E. has partnered with the New Jersey Department of Children and Families to provide access to our Wildcat Wilderness Programming to DCPP-involved youth.

In the spirit of Project U.S.E.’s mission and core values, this partnership allows us to provide access to experiential education and outdoor programming to this group of underserved youth to help them develop leadership skills, cope with personal struggles, and help them realize their long-term potential for success.

Burley Designs

Burley Designs is known around the world for building recreational transport gear that sets the standard for safety, durability and thoughtful design.  They have supported Project U.S.E. and the Pedal Farmers program through the donation of bike trailers and by helping to spread the word about Project U.S.E. programs and special events.

Click here to learn more about their company’s history and also check out their high-quality products for biking, cycle touring, and other outdoor activities.

Individual Donors Like You!

The amazing work that Project U.S.E. is able to do would not be possible or sustainable without the small donors who make up a significant portion of our financial support, but also help our community in so many other ways: volunteering your valuable time, spreading the word about Project U.S.E., and so much more!  We appreciate your generosity in investing your time and energy on behalf of our mission and the youth we serve.

For more details on the many ways you can support Project U.S.E. or encourage others to get involved, click here.