Anthony Capone

Executive Director

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Anthony Capone has been associated with Project U.S.E. since 1993.  Grateful to have a long-term connection to this amazing organization, he began his journey when he was hired by Jamling Norgay as an Assistant Instructor for the Wildcat Mountain Wilderness Center.  After a few seasons at Wildcat, Anthony transferred to the TREK Program, where he co-led several 40 day wilderness expeditions. 

In 1995, Anthony became the TREK Director and with the help of many talented instructors grew TREK into one of New Jersey’s elite adjudicated youth programs.  TREK boasted the best recidivism rate in the country from 1995-2000.  In 2001, Anthony left Project U.S.E. to open his own businesses.  After the passing of our Co-Founder Philip Costello in 2005, Anthony joined the Board of Trustees and has continued to champion the Project U.S.E. mission ever since.

Donna Hoffman

Finance Director

EMail Donna 

Donna Hoffman joined Project U.S.E. in spring of 1994 as Bookkeeper and Executive Secretary to Phil Costello.  After enjoying 8 years working side by side with Phil, Sarah and staff, she left when due with her second child and to dedicate more time with her family. 

With an educational background in accounting and business, Donna was working part-time bookkeeping before happily returning to Project U.S.E. in July 2006 as Finance Director.  She has three children and is very involved in their schools and activities, volunteering over the years with school boards, PTA programs, and Treasurer roles.

Amye Follett

Program Director

EMail Amye

Amye comes to Project U.S.E. after spending time in the non-profit development consulting world.  She has a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a double minor in Computer Science and Italian from Drew University.

Prior to working in consulting Amye focused her energies on bridging the gap between city life and the environment. She worked as a co-coordinator of a youth summer bicycle camp in Providence, Rhode Island where she not only taught youth how to ride and maintain their bicycles but also environmental lessons about the city and watershed they live in.

Bob Goger

Professional Development Consultant


Bob Goger has long been associated with Project U.S.E., first as a volunteer and board member; then more recently coming aboard to help us expand our adult training programs. After working as a teacher and social worker in Puerto Rico and New York City, Bob returned to his native New Jersey to assume training and management positions in the State Departments of Health and Education. Among the original group of counselors to receive certification as a Substance Awareness Coordinator, he helped develop the first wave of student assistance programs in local districts throughout the state. More recently he has served as a SAC and Student Services Coordinator for the Montclair Schools.

Bob is a graduate of Fordham University (BA & MA); a biker (‘unmotored’); and a harried part-time beekeeper. He also spends some time each week at the Y as a certified fitness instructor and ropes course facilitator.

Greg Wilson

Program Instructor

Greg joins Project U.S.E. from New York state where he has been a licensed outdoor guide for over a decade, leading New Yorkers on backpacking, paddling and fly fishing trips throughout the northeast.  In the spring of 2022 Greg visited Wildcat Wilderness Center and was charmed by the hidden gem of protected land, its history, and the people who have become deeply tied to it. 

What started as lending a hand at Wildcat, led to 50 mile hikes, building out urban gardens in Newark, professional development trainings, experiential outdoor youth programs, dynamic belay qualifications, working with networks of local teachers, expeditions in the White Mountains and sailing sloops in Connecticut.  Greg likes gummy bears, has a B.A. in Philosophy from The New School, and has a dog named Hank who has very big eyeballs.