Overview: 50-Mile Hike

Congratulations for taking on the Project U.S.E. 50-mile hike challenge along the Appalachian Trail! This hike is a longstanding tradition each spring to raise money to expand equitable access to our outdoor programs for youth.


Things to do before the hike:

Logistics: 50-Mile Hike (May 4, 2024)
  • 1:30am – 1:45am: All 50-mile hikers will meet at the Appalachian Trail Parking Lot at High Point State Park.  Please note that this is different from previous years, and places your cars at the endpoint of the hike.
  • 1:45am to 2:15am: Registration and Orientation; load vans with gear
  • 2:15am: All 50-mile hikers leave in vans for Dunnfield Creek (start of 50-mile hike)
  • 3:15am: Arrival at Dunnfield Creek: Safety Talk, Final Hike roster check, Water fill.
  • 3:30am: START HIKING!
  • ~6:30am: Arrive at Hike Checkpoint #1 – Camp Road (~9.0 miles)
  • ~7:45am: Arrive at Hike Checkpoint #2 – Millsbrook-Blairstown Road (~3.5 miles)
  • ~9:00am: Arrive at Hike Checkpoint #3 – Flatbrookville Road (~4.0 miles)
  • ~1:30pm: Arrive at Hike Checkpoint #4 – Culver’s Gap (~12.5 miles)  **please note: you must reach this checkpoint in 10 hours to continue**
  • ~4:00pm: Arrive at Hike Checkpoint #5 – Deckertown Turnpike (~10 miles)
  • 5:00pm to 6:30pm: FINISH hike at High Point State Park (~6 miles).  Check in at finish, awards ceremony and BBQ reception at High Point Pavilion picnic area.


Things to Note:

  • Wait, the total mileage doesn’t add up to 50 miles?!  If you make it the approximately 44+ miles of this route and deal with the altitude changes, you’ve earned the last few miles to claim the 50!
  • There are 5 checkpoints along the hike route where hikers will have access to their gear bags.
  • At each checkpoint, we will have water and volunteers to support the hikers.  First aid supplies will also be available if needed.
  • The first few hours of the 50-mile hike take place in the DARK; please remember to bring a headlamp!