Tag LineLooking for a unique, impactful experience for your students? Find out more about bringing a Project U.S.E. Boat Building program to your school, or arranging an amazing experiential education course for your students through one of our Wildcat courses.
Experiential Education
Enhancing Academic + Social Learning
Long before “differentiated instruction” came to be buzz words in education, Project U.S.E. understood that children and adults learn in different ways. Most, in fact, learn best by doing. Furthermore, we understand that schools face a fundamental challenge: making education meaningful and relevant to youth. Learn More Now
Join Us at Wildcat
Challenge by Choice: Growth and Teambuilding
The Wildcat Mountain Program provides a unique teambuilding experience to school groups, state and local youth agencies, colleges and universities, and recreational clubs. Our adventures are designed to support New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCS) in the areas of Character Education, Environmental Education, Service Learning and Arts and Literacy in a manner that is fun, challenging and memorable. Learn More Now
Professional Development
Strengthening Institutions + Communities
We design and present experiential programs for schools, corporations, social service providers, and other professional communities that facilitate team development, group processing and decision making, leadership skills, and communication styles. Learn More Now