Boatbuilding Program

The Boatbuilding Program is a unique initiative by Project U.S.E. that is presented through a long-term, on-site relationship with participating schools and agencies. Students of middle- or high-school age explore the maritime history of their region and learn the science and art involved in boat building. The Program combines standard curricula, (math, physics, history, etc.) with rigorous and exciting experiential learning—a hallmark of Project U.S.E.’s programs. The Program culminates in the building and launching of wooden canoes or sailboats constructed by the students.

“The best part of Boat Building was getting to use power tools. In my opinion, this was very interesting because it has really inspired me to build things with my own two hands instead of buying everything at the store. I mean, really, when would you ever get a chance to tell someone I was using a jigsaw at school, if it wasn’t for this special hands-on project?! Another thing that was very interesting was learning about the history of boats all over the world.”

—Barbara DaSilva, 8th grade, Ann Street School

Project U.S.E. Boatbuilding Program for Teens

Michael Bagley Photography

Participating Schools
Ann Street School, Newark, NJ
Boys and Girls Club of Newark, Newark, NJ
Discovery Charter School, Newark, NJ
Hope Academy Charter School, Asbury Park, NJ
Link Community School, Newark, NJ
Hawkin Street School, Newark, NJ
Big Picture Schools, Newark, NJ
Newark Collegiate Academy, Newark, NJ
North 13th Street Tech, Newark, NJ
North Star Academy Charter School, Newark, NJ
Sisters Academy, Asbury Park, NJ
Sussex Avenue School, Newark, NJ
University Heights Charter School, Newark, NJ

This program is made possible by the generous gifts of the Victoria Foundation, PSE&G Foundation, the Lackland Family Foundation, Swiss Re and Capital One Bank.

Seeking a Boatbuilding Program For Your School or Camp?
For more information please contact Boatbuilding Coordinator, Brendan Meehan: | (973) 645-0080

Boatbuilding Videos

Video Created by NJN TV | Visit the Project U.S.E. You Tube Channel

Video Created by William H. Brown Academy | Visit the Project U.S.E. You Tube Channel