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“Project U.S.E. is a tremendous blessing and opportunity for the urban children of our school. It gives them a chance to experience nature’s classroom and to challenge themselves to grow, to bond together, and to build their confidence in ways a traditional classroom can never match. Without Project U.S.E. our Students would never have a chance to have these amazing experiences.” —James Verrilli, Co-Founder And Co-Director North Star Academy Charter School Of Newark
Special Projects
Indoor + Outdoor Experiential Education
Our Special Projects division was formed in response to the rapid growth of adventure education at school and camp facilities. We are involved in all aspects of challenge course design and construction, and in experiential education curriculum development and training.
Culture of Caring
A Multi-year Program to Help Restore our Urban Schools
Before a school can address the concrete issues associated with low student achievement, the climate of failure at a school must change. Working with all stakeholders, from students to faculty, from parents to school leaders, Project U.S.E. staff works to support a positive school atmosphere by creating “a culture of caring.”
Full Sail
Developing Innovative + Caring Leaders
Sailing on vessels in the British Virgin Islands, (as well as in other locations), participants have the opportunity to practice leadership, communication, project management, and other critical business skills.