Enhancing Academic + Social Learning
Long before “differentiated instruction” came to be buzz words in education, Project U.S.E. understood that children and adults learn in different ways. Most, in fact, learn best by doing. Furthermore, we understand that schools face a fundamental challenge: making education meaningful and relevant to youth. Experiential education targets both hard skills and soft skills. Our programs, exercises and activities—both in the classroom and outdoors—provide a fun and meaningful methodology to learn and understand mathematics, scientific concepts, writing skills and conduct historical research. Concurrently, a Project U.S.E. initiative inspires strong character, self-motivation, confidence, positive risk-taking, and team-work. Experiential education provides teens the foundation they need to attain personal success both in and out of school.


“When attending any Project U.S.E. trip you gain knowledge about the outdoors, learn how to work on a team and become a better person. Project U.S.E. trips teach you about the essences of life and how the environment needs to be treated. Project U.S.E. is great." —Cieola Nesmith, North Star Academy Student


Special Projects
Indoor + Outdoor Experiential Education
Our Special Projects division was formed in response to the rapid growth of adventure education at school and camp facilities. We are involved in all aspects of challenge course design and construction, and in experiential education curriculum development and training.