Overview: 50-Mile Hike

Participants are given the opportunity to hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail starting at the Delaware Water Gap, NJ (Route 80), traveling north and concluding at High Point State Park, NJ (Route 23). The actual hiking mileage between these two points is about 44 miles, but if you can make it that far, we give you the last 6 miles for free.

We start this unique challenge at 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning and end when each participant has finished his or her experience. Please note we start as a team, and though hikers will travel at different paces, we finish as a team. Some participants will travel one mile, others will complete the entire course. Each person decides on how far, he or she wishes to travel.

We have support stations along the way, every time the Appalachian Trail intersects with a paved road, a volunteer and support vehicle, will be there waiting. These support volunteers assist hikers with water replenishment, medical attention, gear replacement (change of clothes, take a layer, lose a layer etc.). Most importantly, when you have reached your hiking goal or decide to no longer go on, these support vehicles are our rides back to the original starting point. Remember, unless you arrange an alternative mode of transportation, participants will stay with the group until all hikers are accounted for.

Many participants have the will to complete the full length of the hike but sometimes their pace betrays them. In the spirit of safety, we have implemented a Culvers Gap (Route 206) rule. If a hiker has not reached Culvers Gap in ten hours, he or she must voluntarily give up their pursuit to finish. This means that hikers must reach Culvers Gap by 2:00 p.m. and begin hiking the next section by 2:30 p.m. If a participant misses this time check, they must come off the trail.

Step One: Spread the Word & Help Fundraise

We ask for a $50.00 donation from each hiker to register for the hike. We also ask that you raise money for your miles through our Team Fundraising Page (link coming soon).  You can join our team and create your own fundraising page to share with family and friends.  If each hiker raises an additional $200 we will achieve our goal of $40,000.

Step Two: Register to Hike

Please note: All participants must be pre-registered; Registration closes April 30, 2019 at midnight.

Step Three: Fill Out Your Hike Waiver

Please download this Assumption of Risk & Release Form, sign and deliver on the day of the hike.

Step Four: Wear Your Project USE Swag With Pride

On the day of the hike, T-shirts are given to all participating hikers and support staff.  If you’re a returning hiker, wear your favorite T-shirt from a past hike to show your Project U.S.E. pride!

Step Five: Prep for the Hike & Check Your Gear

From headlamps to frisbees, our gear list is comprehensive. Download it here.

Hiking Trail Breakdown (50-Mile Hike)
  • We start hiking at the Delaware Water Gap (Route 80), New Jersey. (The first portion of this hike takes place in the dark, bring a headlamp)
  • From Delaware Water Gap, the distance to the first road, Mohican Road is 9 miles.
  • From Mohican Road to Millbrook Road 3.5 miles.
  • From Millbrook to Flat Brookville Road 4 miles.
  • From Flat Brookville to Culvers Gap, (Route 206) 11 miles. (Remember the Culvers Gap Rule: get there in 10 hours or less so you can continue).
  • From 206 to Decker town 10.5
  • From Decker town to High Point (the finish line) 6 miles.
When To Meet

Saturday, May 4, 2019 | 2:00 AM (yes, very early Saturday morning) | Please be on time!

When To Meet

Little Learners Academy | 25 Green Pond Road, Rockaway NJ 07866

The parking lot is located near the Hibernia Diner. Hikers leave their vehicles in the parking lot. We will leave promptly at 2:30 a.m., load up our vans with hikers and gear, then head to the Delaware water gap and begin hiking at 3:30-3:45 a.m.

Need Directions?

Use the map below for door-to-door directions or download directions here.

Still Have Questions?

Contact ring leader, Anthony Capone at: mr.anthonycapone@gmail.com